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Zelmanski, Danner & Fioritto, PLLC, is a law firm dedicated to condominium and homeowners associations across the state. We help build better communities.

Why Choose Zelmanski, Danner & Fioritto, PLLC?

We recognize that many different individuals can play a vital role in the operations and management of a community association. Our attorneys work in tandem with property managers, board members, and homeowners, whom we recognize can all contribute greatly to the success of their communities in different ways.

We provide essential guidance and supporting for condominium and homeowners’ associations in helping them build and maintain well-managed communities. We assist association boards with enforcing their rules and restrictions, managing their common amenities within the bounds of the law, modernizing and improving governing documents through amendments (e.g., declarations, master deeds, and bylaws), collecting delinquent assessments, and educating their Boards on Fair Housing laws.

We partner with our clients to develop proven strategies for dealing with homeowners, developers, contractors, insurance companies, and financial institutions.

We provide time-tested guidance to community association Board Members regarding their powers, duties, and legal protections.

We have client relationships that span decades.

Our success is evidenced by our continual growth and our reputation for providing quality legal services over many years in the community association industry.

Our attorneys conduct monthly educational seminars, serving as mentors to condominium and homeowners’ associations.

Our firm is recognized as leaders of industry organizations such as the Community Associations Institute (CAI) and the United Condominium Owners of Michigan (UCOM). Our attorneys hold leadership positions in these organizations and provide educational programs to their members on an ongoing basis.

Through our involvement with organizations like CAI and its Legislative Action Committee, we have legislative influence in Lansing and are working to improve condominium and HOA laws for the betterment of Michigan communities.

By using cutting edge communication technologies, our attorneys represent clients statewide in our continuing effort supporting community associations in creating stronger communities.

We utilize current technology and client-specific staffing as a cost-effective practice. Clients who retain Zelmanski, Danner & Fioritto, PLLC, quickly discover why the firm has earned a reputation as valued advisors.

Through our firm’s exclusive Strategic Alliance with the venerable firm of Fraser Trebilcock, we are now able to meet with clients upon request in Lansing, Detroit, and Grand Rapids in addition to Plymouth and Mt. Clemens. This relationship between our two firms also affords all of our clients the unique and substantial benefit of having quick access to the entire roster of the skilled attorneys of Fraser Trebilcock, who practice in a myriad of other areas of the law. Should your legal needs ever require specialized expertise outside the scope of our firm’s practice, our Strategic Alliance with Fraser Trebilcock means that we will always have you covered, no matter what legal issue you may be facing.

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About the Firm

We are more than just real estate. Over the years, we have expanded the range of legal services that we provide to meet the evolving needs of our diverse client base.

real estate

Real Estate

Looking to sell or purchase a home? Our firm’s specialized focus in the area of real estate enables us to protect our clients against unnecessary risk through careful negotiation, drafting, and execution of each real estate document in a prudent yet cost-efficient manner. Our clients recognize us for our ability to handle their most complex matters under the most accelerated time-frames with efficiency.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Our attorneys deliver peace of mind to individuals and families seeking practical, comprehensive advice in developing an estate plan to transition assets from one generation to the next.

We offer advice and solutions regarding a wide range of issues involving asset protection, probate, and trust administration. We can assist you with preparing wills, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, durable powers of attorney, designations of patient advocate, and other documents that support an effective estate strategy.

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Financial troubles do not go away on their own. If you are struggling with debt and are unable to stay financially solvent, there are steps you can take to recover.

Our attorneys guide our clients through debt relief processes. Bankruptcy is often not the ideal outcome, but our attorneys will advise you in an honest and straight-forward manner when bankruptcy is the right choice. We can help you turn your financial difficulties into a fresh start by utilizing the bankruptcy process.

With over 15 years of experience in Debtor and Creditor side Bankruptcy practice, Attorney Melissa Francis is able to assist Creditor clients in exercising their rights in Chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13 Bankruptcy cases. Ms. Francis is also available to help small business clients learn more about their Bankruptcy options under the Bankruptcy Code’s new Subchapter V of Chapter 11.

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