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Michigan Corporate Law Attorneys

Condominium, homeowners’, and cooperative associations are usually organized as nonprofit corporations. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the Nonprofit Corporation Act, including the substantial revisions to the Act that were implemented in 2015.

At Zelmanski, Danner & Fioritto, PLLC, we assist our association clients in addressing the myriad of issues that they can face as nonprofit corporations, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Taking measures to protect volunteer directors and officers against possible liability that may arise as a result of serving on the Board of Directors, such as amending the association’s governing documents to include protections against liability as permitted by the Nonprofit Corporation Act.
  • Assisting Boards with the preparation and filing of documentation to meet the state’s requirements for nonprofit corporations, including annual reports, articles of incorporation, and amendments.
  • General counseling regarding the requirements of Michigan’s corporate laws, including the need to observe corporate formalities (e.g., quorum), the requirements for valid meetings of a corporation’s Board of Directors and/or membership, and the proper way to take minutes.
  • Addressing organizational issues, including the filing of the necessary documentation to create the corporation.
  • Handling Bylaw issues, including adoption, amendment, interpretation, and enforcement.
  • Counseling the Board of Directors on how to properly respond to member requests for inspecting of the association’s books, records, and financial statements.

In addition to our work with nonprofit corporations, our attorneys also have experience creating corporations for small businesses.