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Advising Association Board Members on Legal Issues

Condominium and homeowner associations’ are governed by a Board of Directors that is composed of volunteers coming from many different walks of life. Most people who serve on such Boards do not come from a legal background or have a solid grasp of real estate covenants and bylaws.

At Zelmanski, Danner & Fioritto, PLLC, we help volunteer Board members rise to meet the challenges of governing their communities by offering educational training at no additional cost to the association.

We believe that providing volunteer Board members with continuing education is a paramount concern. Our attorneys bring their background and experience to bear in providing training to both Board members and the public at large with monthly community association seminar presentations.

To this end, we created the Condo & HOA B.E.A.T. (Board Education and Training) series of monthly educational seminars, which we offer at no cost as a community service. This series of ongoing seminars provides a continual source of sorely-needed education to Board members on the many different legal issues that community associations encounter.

We are always available to meet with your community’s volunteer Board to provide the education necessary for guiding the community toward a successful future.

Preventing and Resolving Disputes

Understanding how to interpret and explain covenants, regulations, Master Deeds, and bylaws goes a long way toward preventing situations and conditions that may result in a dispute or lawsuit. Educated Board members typically modify and create rules in ways that are agreeable to homeowners, making disputes less likely.

When disputes do arise, we teach approaches for resolving issues informally that allow your Board to avoid expensive legal actions. We believe that litigation should always be a last resort for association boards which is only utilized when all other avenues of dispute resolution have been exhausted.  Nevertheless, should litigation become necessary to protect your association’s interests and legal rights, our team of experienced attorneys stands ready and willing to represent you in court and help you through the litigation process.

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