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Experienced Attorneys in Construction Defects

For many new condominium and homeowners’ associations, the prompt and effective resolution of construction defect issues and disputes involving the common elements or common areas with the community’s developer is of key importance. The failure to quickly identify and raise construction defect claims can be disastrous for an association.

With construction defects, state law requires that you meet certain deadlines when filing a claim. That is why it is vital to have an experienced attorney on your side who will timely address these issues and any other legal obstacles that may arise during the process.

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience representing associations with construction defect claims, and we will evaluate every aspect of your case to get your association the best possible outcome.

Construction Defects: What are They?

Here at Zelmanski, Danner & Fioritto, PLLC, we understand the complexity around the various types of construction defects, which can include:

  • Toxic mold
  • Electrical problems
  • Foundation cracks and soil problems
  • Architectural defects
  • Bad workmanship
  • Material and manufacturing defects (leaky, defective windows)
  • Poorly constructed roads

A Board of Directors’ failure to timely address such issues with effective legal counsel can result in the association bearing thousands (or perhaps hundreds of thousands) of dollars in additional repair costs that could, and should, be borne by the developer.

Finding a Solution to Your Defect Claims

Our attorneys have significant experience in bringing construction defect claims against developers. Given that the cost of pursuing such litigation can potentially outweigh the benefits, we strive to quickly bring such matters to a successful and financially worthwhile conclusion. Call 734-459-0062 or send us an email to get started.