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Resolving Developer Disputes for Condominium and Homeowners’ Associations

Condominium and homeowners’ associations are created by developers, and their attorneys draft the initial governing documents that define the relationships between the developer and the property owners.  The laws that govern these relationships and create the expectations for the performance of legal duties are complex, confusing, and subject to constant change.

Often, condominium and homeowner associations may be at odds with the community’s developer concerning the nature and performance of the developer’s legal duties.  A dispute between a condominium or homeowners’ association and its developer can be time-consuming and expensive, and can possibly lead to litigation.  However, strategic planning in some instances can prevent such disputes from arising.  This is why it is crucial for an association to have a seasoned attorney on its side in any negotiations with the association’s developer. The representation of an experienced community association attorney can literally be the difference in saving (or costing) the association thousands of dollars in developer negotiations and/or litigation.

At Zelmanski, Danner & Fioritto, PLLC, we assist condominium, cooperative and homeowners’ associations in understanding the developer’s duties and obtaining the performance to which the association is entitled.

In the unfortunate event that we are unable to negotiate a successful resolution to your association’s developer issues, our experienced attorneys stand ready to vigorously represent and defend your interests in litigation to obtain the legal relief to which your community is entitled.

Legal Advocates in Developer Disputes

Our attorneys have decades of experience, along with a deep understanding of the needs of condominium, cooperative and homeowners’ associations. This allows us to present practical and cost-effective resolutions for those we represent. Call 734-459-0062 to speak with an experienced attorney or send us a direct message.