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General Counsel

Serving on the Board of Directors of a condominium, cooperative or homeowners’ association can be a difficult, and often overwhelming, experience for many people, especially for the uninitiated. In addition to handling property maintenance issues and the many basic tasks involved in managing the daily affairs of an association, today’s board members also must be capable of navigating a virtual sea of complex local, state, and federal legal requirements.

At Zelmanski, Danner & Fioritto, PLLC, we recognize this reality and strive to provide each of our clients with the knowledge, resources and assistance that they need to run a successful community association.

Our attorneys have several decades of combined experience in providing legal counsel to community associations. Having encountered and successfully solved innumerable legal issues for hundreds of associations across the State of Michigan, we can assist Board members with quickly identifying both the nature of the problem and the solution that is most likely to lead to the best outcome at the least cost.

Our firm does not charge a retainer for general counsel services, nor do we attempt to lock associations into onerous, long-term contracts like some firms. Board members can choose to utilize our general counsel services at their discretion and need not be concerned about unnecessary or unplanned legal expenditures.